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Yes I can confirm what Koroko said above, I had bad experience with iobit driver software, last time I try it, it made my system unstable, crash often, what I really suggest for updating driver...instead of using automatic software, better do it manually go to the vendor's website, browse and find the latest drivers, thanks for sharing the giveaway though :)

Megan K

New Member
Ok, I've used the software before, most recently last week. Gotta say, I'm really not impressed with how my laptop won't play any video files (streaming's ok) or even open Bridge since then. Try to play a file? Instant crash. Want to go 'shop some sensor dirt off the thousand pictures you just took in your first gig as a photographer? Lolnope.

I've been done with IOBIT for a while, but I figured I'd give them a shot again with Driver Booster since I'd done a partial system restore to clear out leftover junk. Big mistake on my part, HUGE. I've been trying to fix this crap for half a week now. *whines because all I want to do is watch Star Trek and make fanvids instead of trying to fix things*