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new user said:
Lets use the product that stole malwarebytes database!
If anything that would help them. Because some products get there malware statistics by the users.


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amazingAG said:
Link --> Giveaway page.

Click on the above link to go to the giveaway page. Scroll down to get the activation information.
Never! :shy: I'm with new user on this one and the fact that they've renamed Security 360 to Malware Fighter PRO just so that they can get away with this ,makes me even more unwilling to change my opinion.
Also as a more objective opinion, here is what happen when MrXidus last tested IObit Malware Fighter PRO.

@amazingAG.Thank you for the giveaway news. :D



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If anyone is going to use this and think that its protecting there system might aswell just go download and run some malware now to save you the time.


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Think about it guys, if you sign up for the giveaway there's no chance of you losing, since no one else is going to participate :p

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MrXidus got the blue screen because he has MBAM installed too !

ok i leave :p


I would not even touch this product after I last tested it, along with Xidus's review. It didn't make many moves towards blocking malware (even though I put it in high-mode, which apparently 'blocks every threat', which was directly taken from the product). It was a big failing, I wouldn't even try going towards this bad offer. Ridiculous. If you believe this has any hope of even protecting your system against 20-day old threats, you would have to be mad. As Jack said, this is a just a shameless offer to try and first, get product numbers up, and secondly, cover the MBAM scenario.

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the problem is that many MBAM fanboys and supporters will dont even tried it just because its Iobit's product and they will remind everyone about the MBAM drama.

if we put aside the drama; if it was a good product i will dont mind using it. but seems it is really bad ^^
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