Is AVG good antivirus ?

Is AVG any good ?

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Hi everyone, i got free license for AVG Internet Security for 1 year, and i heard that AVG is unstable (BSODs, slow pc performance etc.), is AVG any good ? I want to install it on my laptop when my ESET expires soon. Thanks in advance.
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May 3, 2014

in my personal opinion, i dont recommand it, in the last threats, 0 days ... im not sure its the better ...

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In my opinion, I really don't recommend it. I would say you would be better off just using a 30-day trial of the new Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Internet Security or by using Avast FREE. Yeah, the free edition.

AVG may have many features but at the end of the day it's job is meant to prevent infections, and all types of viruses from rootkits to keyloggers etc. It is terrible. The detection rate may be okay, but let me just tell you that when my friend used it on his PC a few months ago, it detected malicious behaviour and viruses etc. The only problem is, it failed to remove them. Every time he got a popup somewhat saying something like, "AVG failed to remove this file" or "AVG couldn't remove this threat", "Error" and so on. It couldn't remove not one out of the 11 or more viruses he had on his computer. My friend installed the free version of Avast! and ran a full system scan. It detected 9 and removed them successfully and then Hitman Pro managed to discover the rest and remove them.

So no, I don't recommend AVG. It failed to remove the viruses. There's not much point in detecting them and leaving them there to kill the system.
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May 9, 2014
I have bit problem when using AVG..will protect your C:\Windows with no compromise.. I can't activate Office with MTK,
finally activate with Mak key by phone activation method...Therefore I vote AVG is a good AV..


I also have F-Secure for 1 year, should i use it instead of AVG ?


Fsecure is very heavy on resourcves and it is not the best out there. and about AVG : its definately not the best out there ( even given the fact that I am a fanboy , official AVG HOF/VIP/GURU in the AVG community forums ) its quite average on zeroday malware samples : sometimes below the industries average! its webprotection is not the best either , furthermore it relies heavilly on signature detection and its heuristics are not that great either. but AVG is my first love , and I will keep on supporting it as much as I can :) many people will disagree with me and tell me to stop with supporting them....there are better options out there bladibladibla...and so on. AVG is is not giving me any trouble on my machine except the slow bootup but I hope they will fix that in the 2015 release , have escalated this to the devellopment team and the community managers. each and everyone has their own favorite : just keep on using what you feel comfortable using and you can not go wrong :)
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