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Well recently I was introduced to 'Baidu Anti-Virus' and I'm just wondering, If it is any good?

Thanks for any input on this! ;)

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As I have seen from some threads and the malware section it is effective, but not the best. I would stick with something like ESET or Avira/Bitdefender.


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I have never trusted Baidu.....

Last time I tried Baidu it had too many unneeded features that isn't really that all useful, but the detection is decent.

Anyways that's it, that's my personal opinion of this.
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It's good, but it's way to heavy for my liking, just like pretty much every antivirus.


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Baidu... It's Chinese software and i never trust any chinese software.
Yes, baidu is good AV but better is choice another free AV example Panda,BitDefender Free...


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Let's say its in the stage between the level of mediocre compare on other performance of well known.

Interface is more professional which as advantage or edge from them. ;)


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I do not judge to be Chinese or European , I've used it and I find it inconsisteste some times, needs to improve, could do much better.
their privacy policies, are a little doubtful for me.

but you have avast free, Bitdefender free is a good choice too.
right now I have (testing...) bitdefender free and seems to be a very good option.


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I occupy baiduav. so far I'm not complaining. I performed well at.

bitdefender free and busy so much that is not updated and is full of bug .. I do not like.


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It might have a very strong cloud engine but if that is down you better hope that it also has the full Avira engine. I find cloud solutions to be very unreliable because they could just time out at anytime and you wouldn't know. They might be able to technically receive definitions faster than traditional AVs but they also take a longer time to come back with a verdict if the file is malicious or not.

Honestly if you are using Baidu for the Avira engines you are better off using Avira products itself because Avira also has it's own cloud and it's not really the main defense but to check suspicious files through the cloud to see if they match any signatures. Also Avira is by far the fastest responder to a Virus submission from my experience.

About the AV being 100% free, that means that they have to earn their income from somewhere else, AKA selling your data, and what's better than a cloud engine that sends everything it scans to the cloud for gathering data. If you're fine with this then you can go ahead! But for me I prefer to keep my data with me.

As many have said bitdefender has a good free programme and they don't really bug you with a ton of ads and promotions. Another AV that is good is Avast, if you don't want any pop ups then you can enable gaming mode and no pop ups will appear, but note that if there is any malicious application detected Avast will also stay silent, it will still resolve the threat but it won't inform you.

So far I've been using many AVs and Avast was one of the first ones that I tested out, after going one round with Avira, bitdefender, Qihoo and several others I've ultimately come back to Avast and I think that I love it the most!


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Well recently I was introduced to 'Baidu Anti-Virus' and I'm just wondering, If it is any good?

Thanks for any input on this! ;)
Yes, Baidu is Good, as it is using Avira Engine, and Detectin rate may be same and its Scaning speed is better than Avira.Baidu uses Low Memory/Ram. Avira was best in Past due to Good Detection rate and low memory/Ram usage. But now a days Avira is heavy as same as others i-e Norton , Panda and etc. and Avira offline update (downloading) is very Hard.

Dis-advantage of Baidu is only that, No offline Update is possible but only online.Baidu offline update is only possible, if you use some tricks and download Avira update (which is very hard now a days) and use it..

I Recommend Eset Nod32, Its detection rate is very Best, Low Memory/Ram usage, Very low False-Positive and Fast Scanning Speed..

Detection Rate of AV: (from my tests)
1) Eset Nod32
2) Avast
3) Avira