Q&A Is F-secure worth investing in?


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Jul 27, 2015
they do keep logs?
Well yes they do, and their not only upfront about it, but also very clear and honest what's logged and what's not. That creates what in the Security field/business is called trust and respect. With the court case/article from Torrentfreak, this became even more clear. Personal I adore one part in their policy I just have to quote as it can't be more spot on.
After all, our goal is to secure your privacy when browsing the web, not securing your anonymity when committing crimes.
A " Modern Slavery Act Statement " , I haven't seen many other companies have.

Let me also share a video that explains very well F-Secures philosophy and how they genuine work.
"You have to earn trust."

1. Show integrity.
2. Show commitment.


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Aug 4, 2016
From my point of view the fact that they are honest about how & why they keep limited logs is refreshing - So many VPN's in my view can't be trusted when they give extremely limited information of how they do things, as, I see it to maintain a VPN service some data must be kept - There are very few VPN's I trust, very few.