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Hi friends

Does anybody know SecureAPlus Premium ?, is it a good product?, Is it worth?

I only know of this program for small reviews, some say it's very good, others very bad ... I'd like to know your opinion.

Thanks and have a nice day
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SecureAPlus is an application whitelisting solution. Basically it won't allow untrusted files to run at all, only files that are on its whitelist or those that you specify to allow. It also has a cloud multi AV engine, which is like virustotal and it will check all the files on your PC for malware with multiple antiviruses.

Btw their developer is on malwaretips too. @sinlam

EDIT: Sinlam has left SecureAPlus. Their new representative here at malwaretips is @sap

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Thanks guys

@Tony Cole Surely you're right

@frogboy Thanks for try to download it . There is a well-known software, there is a giveaway for 18 months and I wanted to know more . But if Norton suspicious , imagine Qihoo (which is my antivirus )

@Cch123 Sounds more like firewall and antivirus or compplement an existing one.
Thanks for the info .


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Like Crystal Security better. I don't like the marketing stunt they're trying to pull. Freemium and 100% protection crap whatever.
Last time try it out, SAP was connected to Baidu and Tencent cloud computing but theres no mention about SAP using these engines.


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Their whitelisting feature works somehow like Avast hardened mode. The problem is with their cloud (virus total) detection.
I've tried it last night and i saw something strange:
I 've download some malware samples and i was surprised because secureAplus when scanned said that no threats detected while i checked Virus total and the samples had already detected by most engines (including Eset, AVG) which supposed to be included in secureAplus scanning module.

SecureAplus will not protect your browser (url blocking).....so if you like to use it then add some web protection like W.O.T. or McAfee site advisor or even Avira browsing safety.

SecureAplus designed to work along side with your antivirus.....so....
I've tried with Avast and i've noticed system slow down (exclusions has been made of course).
Same happened with 360 Internet Security.

I think their product is good but it needs more improvement.

Here are some videos to check:
Video by Cyber Review:

Video by AVGurus:

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"I 've download some malware samples and i was surprised because secureAplus when scanned said that no threats detected while i checked Virus total and the samples had already detected by most engines (including Eset, AVG) which supposed to be included in secureAplus scanning module."

Noticed that too. My ESET SS did a better job than what SAP found. Lol.

Yeah, it slowed down my machine too.


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I use it for some times now. its amazing. For me,it dosnt slow down anything, in fact its faster than anything i have tested(exept webroot). Well,maybe the Cloud isnt up to day always,but hey,its a strong,almost pure whitelist aplication and the av modul is not the main prevention modul from this product. If the cloud modul dont detect the malware,u still have a choise to allow,or block it or(send it to virustotal). its the best antiexecutions software so far i have tested.

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What I will discuss is my experience running this program in VB . In this VB I have enjoyed free ZoneAlarm , AVG IS, Avira free , to a lesser extent Tencent, Roboscan , Ad -Aware free . Now enjoy , and much, Qihoo TS , Xvirus Personal Guard and Crystal Security.
I'm not saying that the program does well , we all know that VM is not exactly the same , I just tell my experience

I respect the opinion @MikeV because, as always, he is right , at least in my experience, I also respect @bitbizket , i did not know him and it's a shame , because I see that he has much to teach me, but I like to "play" with the new programs , so I tried SecureAPlus , the Trial version , I have not bothered to ask key , etc...

@Janl92l I have not had your experience, it is one of the programs that more my VM has slowed down

The computer boots a little slower , well, that does not matter . As shown in Figure 1 covers many aspects of security and do not mind a slight delay .


In Figure 2 we see its list of exceptions which contains ClamAV and missing ... well are too many to list . I have set by hand . it does not matter


This window did not get close . I tried it, eh ?, but got bored of wasting my time


You can choose the scanning speed . "Fast " means slow , "Normal" means very slow , "Slow " becomes a kind of rare Pause . Pause is when you really see that it does not advance.


All this does not really matter if the program detects malware at a good level , but unfortunately does not improve the programs that I have installed .
A shame, I would have liked it to be a serious competitor to Zemana Antimalware , but I understand why there are so few links on Google
In short , I have the good fortune to use Crystal Security , when we have the final version , I think, will be better than this program. Just my opinion .
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Hi Sr Normal,

I am the representative from SecureAPlus at malwaretips and thank you for your time for trying SecureAPlus.

I hope I can clear your misunderstanding on SecureAPlus.

For your information, SecureAPlus was launched in 2013 with only Application Whitelisting. With Application Whitelisting, we ensure that all malware cannot execute without you knowing. All malware execution will be either prompted (for Interactive mode) or blocked (for Lockdown mode). By this you will be assured that no malware can execute in your machine thus cannot do anything destructive and malicious.

Last year we add another feature to the product called Universal AV. This addition was added from our users feedback that it is hard for them to determine if they should add a new application to the whitelist or not. So to help you to decide if you should allow the execution of untrusted application (newly installed or downloaded), SecureAPlus uses the intelligent from the Cloud AV, Universal AV. When Universal AV do not have information about the application you are trying to run, SecureAPlus will ask VirusTotal opinion. And to clarify the observation from bizbizket, SecureAPlus never contact any other cloud provider. It looks like Tencent and Baidu use VirusTotal as well, if bizbizket observation is correct.

After installation, SecureAPlus will identify all application (only application, document is not included) in your machine and will make a whitelist from it. Subsequent files introduce to the system will be classified as untrusted files and need to be scrutinized by Universal AV or VirusTotal. For document, SecureAPlus have offline-AV and all document will be scanned by offline-AV, or you can use your existing AV.

After identification completed, the whitelist will be submitted to Universal AV and Universal AV will perform matching of your whitelist against its database in the cloud. If your whitelist contain malicious software, Universal AV will inform SecureAPlus and you will be prompted to perform action, either remove or quarantine. SecureAPlus will ask Universal AV opinion every one hour and you will assured that your whitelist do not contain malware by then.

SecureAPlus also provides on-demand scan via explorer context menu. The scanning will be done by asking Universal AV. When Universal AV have no knowledge about the file, the offline AV will be executed to scan the file. We are in the process of improving this feature and on next release, when Universal have no knowledge about the file, the file will be submitted and scan immediately.

I hope that clarify few doubts.

Sr. Normal

@RLim Thank you very much for the information , it is very interesting to know how the program works , and the 2nd opinion to VirusTotal . I guess that's why took so long to scan my computer. a greeting
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@Sr. Normal When we are doing initial full system scan, we do not seek any 2nd opinion. The initial full system scan take times to complete was due to the size of your data. This process go thru all the files you have on your disk and put it in initial whitelist.

The 2nd opinion will be done when you run new files not in existing whitelist. By this you can be assured that you are running a non malicious file.
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