I want to know if Iobit Advanced System Care had a good protection. Because i've got owned ASC Pro and i'm very happy to used it but I think to upgrade to ASC Ultimate.
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Is it a very big problem if I took iobit products ?
They makes good programs...

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Not really, it depends what you want from the software. Protection wise, I would not trust it to protect a mouse, let alone a PC. The other bits, Windows has already built in, never use their registry cleaner, nor any other registry cleaner as it's very aggressive. What internet security are you currently using?

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In reponse to @Tony Cole's comment, yes, they have not followed the rules in the past.

They were caught stealing Malwarebytes database (just like YAC have been recently) in the past. It then seemed they actually tried to blame it on the users? They made out like it wasn't their fault... Basically, lied themselves out of it. Now, tell me, how do you steal a competitors database when you were never given authorization to use it? There is a lot involved in just using someones database and actually optimising your product to do this. Point being, they stole work and then they actually tried to lie out of it and wouldn't even accept what they had done was done on purpose and was wrong, which is another bad thing which just made their situation even worse and proves they cannot be trusted. Stealing is one thing but a way of moving forward is admitting and giving back the orginal owner something in return to say sorry. They just carried on like it was never their fault...

It's possible their explanation was legitimate and truthful however I trust Malwarebytes side.

I mean, sure, the product can let you know when there is a new startup regisry key... But aside from this, it's pretty much useless. There may be some other options like the startup protection with the registry but it is not such a good product. Don't waste your money on this, or your time with even using the free version. The signature-based/heuristic detection is simply not good enough either.

Sure, the Ultimate version may have Bitdefender engine but instead of buying the ultimate engine you could get a product like Emsisoft Anti-Malware which ALSO contains the Bitdefender engine, has a good reputation for protecting the user and has better protection in general. Or, a well trusted product like ESET which has a good reputation for protecting the user and has better protection for the user in general, as opposed to IObit.

In the past they have a history of some pretty odd things. I won't go in detail here since it would be unwanted by other users for certain reasons (since the "odd things" are actually inapropriate things, and this forum should not contain such things).

Nonetheless, they were orginally a system optimisation company. They should focus on this and drop the malware protection. If you are looking for good system optimisation software, Advanced System Care provided by them is used by many people and they have a lot of happy customers. If you are looking for malware protection, back away from them if you want to find something top in the malware protection market.

However, I wouldn't even trust their cleaning software. If you don't know what you are doing and use e.g. their registry cleaner, it can really mess things up. I would use something else like CCleaner personally.

Cheers. ;)
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No. Iobit is very terrible company and products from Iobit are terrible too.
I disagree.

Yes, they were caught stealing Malwarbytes' signatures many years ago. IObit uses the Bitdefender engine which is legal and licensed for use under their branding. There own anti-malware program, IObit Malware Fighter is to avoided.

IObit Smart Defrag, Uninstaller and some others are good programs, except from the recent bloat and bundled software - but that's the price for freeware.


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I used iobit products few years ago.In the start all was good.
But,then,slowly,my pc slowed down.Smart defrag didn't do any defragmentation at all-judging by my pc performance.
Then,they started to bug me how I need to install other of their products!?

Culmination was when Smart defrag offered to replace my pc's defrag?
I am not joking.
If you let iobit to do what they want,or choose "recommended"settings,they will take control of your pc.

I uninstalled all iobit products.
It is possible that they learned a lesson,and behave now correctly,I don't know.But,what I know is that I will not use again iobit until I have sufficient evidence.