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I know that it is possible to lock SIM cards with a 4-digit PIN. I dont do this myself, partly because I'm afraid it will mess up my phone or lock me out !

However, it seems to me that if someone steals my phone and removes the SIM card then they will have access to any verification messages sent by banks etc. My 2-factor authentication would be compromised ! This could be especially damaging if they have stolen other documents with personal information etc.

A PIN code on the SIM would at least slow down a thief long enough so that I can a) realise that my phone is missing, and b) inform my mobile network.

Any comments about this ?
I'm using SIM card lock. Normal day to day usage is fine, you just need key in the PIN on reboot especially when you travel on aircraft a lot in addition to the normal screen lock.

Just remember to find out your PUK number for your SIM. Normally you'll find it along with the packaging (the credit card sized card where the SIM is attached) when you first buy/get your SIM card or you can find out via your carrier account management website/app.

I first made the mistake of not noting my PUK number for my SIM a few years back. Since I rarely reboot my phone I've forgotten the SIM PIN number and have to spend an entire day searching my parents house for the PUK code. I think you could ask your carrier to give you the PUK code or they might just issue you a new SIM for security reasons if you cannot find the PUK code.


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Same here. Pin code activated for the Sim card as an extra security layer but I always used that option as long as I can recall and for me personally, it's absolute no hassle.