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Just wondering if some of you run Diskeeper! What version are you using? That version 12 I really hate because of the interface and I have had the feeling that it doesn't work! I've been stuck with the 2011 version because it really supports and gives my system what I really need. Even though the boot time defragmentation with the 2011 doesn't work on windows 8/8.1 I don't care. Do you guys think like me?

BY THE WAY! If you're not running Diskeeper which similar program are you using? (The reason I use this program its because I don't have to defrag the system myself even though I would like to get an SSD but you know money is an issue with those)


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because I don't have to defrag the system myself
Nor do I, or have to use some 2011 Diskeeper software. Windows has it's own Defrag software that runs during maintenance or on a scheduled run.

It's also known as Optimize Drives on Windows 8. Since Windows 7 and higher it doesn't defrag SSD, instead it uses the TRIM command. - Not sure about Vista.

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