Hey, guys, how are you?

I would like to know your opinion. Is it worth buying Kaspersky Security Cloud?

I have a 650 day KTS license in place and I thought about switching to KSC, but I don't know if there is much difference from one to the other.

It seems to me that the KSC is a little lighter than the KTS, is that my impression?

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I currently have a KSC license stored in My Kaspersky


I bought it after I received a 50% discount offer. With over 600 days in your license you could just wait for a good offer and then store the license.

I don't know if the license will auto activate after a time, but the offer was too good to let it pass. Maybe you should consider asking your local Kaspersky representative before buying.


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In the past some users managed to get it working fine, always installing Kaspersky 1st, then created exclusions in both products...
I had that combo in the past and installing Kaspersky before Comodo is the way to go.
With the free version I didn't have to make any exclusions, but for example if you scan your system with Comodo Kaspersky's root certificate will come up as untrusted. You must trust/allow it in the scan results.