Q&A Is Process Lasso still needed in Windows 10 FCU?

Discussion in 'System Utilities' started by ifacedown, Dec 30, 2017.


Is Process Lasso still needed in Windows 10 FCU?

  1. Yes - It handles processess/threads better than Windows

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  2. No - Windows knows best

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  3. No - Snake Oil product. Keep Away!

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  1. ifacedown

    ifacedown Level 17

    Jan 31, 2014
    Windows 10
    Is Process Lasso Pro or Free still efficient/effective in the latest build of Windows 10?

    In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, I found ProcessLasso helpful in diminishing and alleviating micro/macro lags on my weak and old netbook.

    But...I find the opposite on the latest build of Windows 10, using the same weak old netbook. I experience more lags now since installing this, grabbing a free license from a giveaway by Wonderfox.

    Obviously, maybe, I should uninstall.

    But pls, give me some technical info why Process Lasso is not that efficient anymore on my netbook?

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  2. TairikuOkami

    TairikuOkami Level 10
    Content Creator

    May 13, 2017
    Postal Worker
    Windows 10

    Nothing is black and white. With default settings, NO. Customized, YES, but it also depends on hardware. Low specs benefit more from it.
    Windows has got some prioritization based on a power profile (High Performance) and settings like Processor Scheduling in Windows 10/8/7
  3. Andytay70

    Andytay70 Level 14

    Jul 6, 2015
    Electricial engineer
    Windows 10
    I have tried it and found no difference in windows 10.
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  4. jogs

    jogs Level 12

    Nov 19, 2012
    I have used it for quite long and ultimately found that Windows runs better without it. Just my opinion.
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  5. Opcode

    Opcode Level 24
    Content Creator

    Aug 17, 2017
    I mop the floors at Lidl
    AMD Ryzen 5, that's my CPU ;)

    Personally I don't need it but I know many people use the tool for a variety of things

    About slowdown when using it, probably because the utility is constantly tracking data and this will consume up resources. The same way your CPU usage is increased when Task Manager is open because its using CPU usage to calculate the CPU usage and track other data like memory usage for other running programs. Every instruction executed uses CPU usage... High CPU usage = slower because CPU has a limit. High disk usage = slower because your HDD/SSD can only take so much at a time. The same way when you try to use more memory than you have = BSOD, or when hardly any is free = super slow and sort of a broken frozen feeling.
  6. Slyguy

    Slyguy Level 26

    Jan 27, 2017
    IT Security Engineer
    Other OS
    I use it on lower spec servers to keep things tidy, with tweaks of course.

    Otherwise? No chance. It's never going on any desktop/laptop of mine.

    Park Control though, I use an older non-install version to unpark cores on gaming rigs.
  7. Flengo

    Flengo Level 2

    Oct 19, 2017
    I would think this answer changes computer-to-computer depending on the hardware the computer uses and the software running on it.
  8. Hanmin147

    Hanmin147 Level 28

    Jul 28, 2014
    Windows 10
    I run a laptop that is about 3 years old, running GTX 765, i7-4700 and I do a lot of photo editing on my computer

    I find that process lasso helps with reducing the usage of CPU and GPU when exporting the photos where as previously without any teaks exporting the photos would give me a BSOD where as now when I've limited the process to only take up 50% of the CPU it no longer BSOD
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  9. JakeXPMan

    JakeXPMan Level 15

    Oct 20, 2014
    Windows 7
    In my opinion it does better then Windows... the evidence is less with more RAM and CPU cores, but if you often multi-task many tabs, games, etc.This can help any PC run a bit smoother and can prevent a sudden freeze.
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  10. ifacedown

    ifacedown Level 17

    Jan 31, 2014
    Windows 10
    The app was effective when I was using Windows 8-8.1. But in Windows 10, my system suffered from more lags.

    Some really say it just provides placebo effect, but I disagree if you know how to use it. It is best to leave it on default settings and let it do the work. But if you are a geek and knows how to do a lot of tinkering, then it could serve you well.

    As for me, maybe I will uninstall it.
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  11. 212eta

    212eta Level 8

    May 11, 2011
    Tested it on my Windows 10 x64 (Fall Creators Update) ring.
    Nothing impressive to make me keep it. (n)
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  12. gin

    gin Level 5

    Jan 16, 2014
    Windows 7
    i don't recommended it, just uninstalled process lasso (n)
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  13. XhenEd

    XhenEd Level 27
    Content Creator Trusted

    Mar 1, 2014
    Windows 10
    #13 XhenEd, Dec 31, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
    I recommend it. It doesn't claim to speed up your computer. Rather, it claims to bring back responsiveness. The owner has a synthetic application to test PL's ProBalance.

    @bitsum might be able to help as to why @ifacedown's experience is the opposite when it comes to Process Lasso's presence in Windows 10.

    I currently use CPUBalance. :)
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  14. ifacedown

    ifacedown Level 17

    Jan 31, 2014
    Windows 10
    Yes, I was thinking of contacting their support.
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  15. Quassar

    Quassar Level 7

    Feb 10, 2012
    Poland, Bielsko - Biała
    He dont show how he configure program or he even configure it if he run default after fresh install im not wonder why we dont see diference.....
    You need setup process to game mode and than enable it same with allocate process for specific core..

    If you run 20 browser than system can freez copule time becasue cant handle it...
    if you configure specific browsers for eech core stand alone you will get less or non freez that little tip prove how Process Lasso is usefull.
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