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Malware Hunter
Kaspersky free for non-commercial use, comodo free products for both commercial and non-commercial use are some good options
You didn't understand the questions. It is about open source antivirus software.

I would basically say that ClamWim is only the program that uses the signatures and the engine of ClamAV. There are no dynamic modules there.
The situation is different with Immunet: There the ClamAV engine is built in and a dynamic protection, but Immunet is not open source, only one part, ClamAV.

Free GNU software is therefore not an option for Windows. However, you could harden your system with Hard_Configurator. The program is not open source, however, the best solution that could answer your question.

I don't use Windows, but if I used it, I would disable Windows Defender and other protection mechanisms, install Hard_Configurator and use SmartScreen. I'm as excited about free open source software as you are.


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AVs need constant support from the developers i.e. for signature updates developers need to work continuously. This is quite difficult for open source community, and the companies which are there to make profit won't give out their source code. That's why we don't see open source AVs that much. May be some day with crowd funding some body will come out with a solution. But at this time we can just hope for it.