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Hi everyone,
Microsoft's just released major updates for Windows 10 called Fall updates. But I heard that some people (include my friends) having problems with ESET's HIPS feature after update to Windows 10 build 10586. Is there anyone in Malwaretips facing to this problem? I also found a thread complain about this bug on ESET forum
Eset hips and windows build 10586
ESET seems having lots of bugs when released ESET v9. It's not bug-free software company as I respect. So disapointed!
Here is my friend screenshot on Windows 10 TH2:

Ps: I'm using Windows 10 Education so I'm still not received any updates. I can't specify current situation of ESET on my machine
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It will work like a beast on some computers, it won't work on others. Same as Microsoft updates, some work on first install, some get bdos some get restart loops, etc. I haven't been able to install MS updates as soon as they are released because I get serious issues. I did the same with ESET, I'm waiting heh.


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Hi @Maxxx58,
it depends on what HIPS module your ESET is running.
If you experience this problem, just make sure your definitions and program are up to date.
Next reboot the machine, (because due to kernel ibernation isn't enough shutting it down and back up) and you'll find the AV or SS running just fine ;)
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