Hello everybody!

Me and the wife are thinking about buying a new laptop soon , and since we want want to live up to the name that dutch people have : " being cheapskates ":p we thought lets buy a laptop that is not that expensive.
I have found a sweet deal in a store here in the netherlands and I would appreciate some feedback from you guys , if its a wise choice to buy this one , or that is not wise.....thanks in advance for the feedback :D

here are the specs :

Compaq Presario CQ58-203sd :

processor :

AMD Fusion - E1-1200

Processor speed : 1,4 Ghz

2 cores

graphic card :

AMD Radeon HD 7310

4gb ram

Screensize : 15,6 inch

Resolution : 1366 x 768

Screentype : TFT-LCD

Harddrive : Serial ATA-300

500 GB

retail prize is 379 euro ( round and about 400 dollars )



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My opinions is that if you can bargain for a 50 euros it would be a great for that price. Maybe, not 50, but maybe 30?! Depends on what your needs are and if it is someway upgradable.


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That laptop is could be literally capable at any tasks but if you want a cheaper version then try to look for netbook however downgraded specs also.

Adan Bailey

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A good Laptop is a type of a gift. If you want to use laptop for multiple purposes then you need to spend money to acquire a unique machine to help to give response according to your expectations. Lots of machines are available in local and international market.


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What do you plan on doing with this laptop so we can get an idea on what specs you might need.

Will it just be a Facebook and regular website machine, some online banking/buying or do you plan on doing multiple heavy tasks on it? (gaming, virtual machines, multicore heavy use applications etc)