Best System Utility .........

  • Galary utilities pro

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  • C Cleaner

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  • Wisecare 365

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  • Tune up utilities

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  • Advanced System care pro

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I only use the "Wise Disk Cleaner" because I use Geek Uninstaller and RunScanner (only if needed).

I don't really need Wise Care 365, it is a good product if you ask me. I love to clean my PC in my own way.

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I've been using it for two years and I am delighted .

Clean registry, junk files, windows update files, " slimming system " by deleting unnecessary languages and other functions and is programmable, optimizes the system startup ...

Currently I use with PrivaZer and I have a very fast computer . It is essential in my computers .

A greeting to all
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Hello guys,
I would like to know about Wise Care 365 free....Is it worth using??....Can i use it along with C Cleaner???
A little equivalent of a combined CCEnhancer ( a tool for improving the database for CC) + CCleaner.
Of course you can use it along with CCleaner, they have only different algorithm on detecting traces. ;)


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Agree withWise Care 365 use ccleaner,ive never had any speed increase after using various tune up programs,they hog the system and indeed can do damage if not used correctly
Features: CCleaner comes with a:
file cleaner
registry cleaner
startup manager
program uninstaller
system restore point manager
drive wiper
The file cleaner takes a look at all temporary Windows files it can remove as well as temporary files stored by various supported third party applications, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Flash, and more. Some of the supported options increase the overall time of the cleaning process (such as the “wipe free space” option), and CCleaner will warn you if this is the case as soon as you select the item. Some similar warnings apply to a few other possible selections.
ccleaner registry Cleaners Compared: CCleaner vs. Slimcleaner vs. IObit Advanced SystemCare
Scan Time and Results: Selecting all of the available cleaning options led to a scan time of 10.862 seconds, and it found a total of 1,645 MB to remove. Scanning for registry issues took another ~3 seconds. Of course, the scan times and disk space to be recovered will vary based on your system’s performance and how much stuff you actually have on your system, but we’re using these statistics in comparison to the other two system cleaners.
Looking at the list of results returned, I’d say that CCleaner is very effective at removing the crud that you really don’t need. Better yet, it doesn’t cause harm by deleting too much — a problem that plagued earlier system cleaners.
Summary: CCleaner is a lean application that does an excellent job of wiping up the mess that Windows and other applications create. Compared to other applications, however, it doesn’t include quite as many tools for further optimizations.


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Yp...Im using wise care 365 now...Thanks to @BoraMurdar for the license...I thnk its way better than tune up utilities (evethough i liked its program deactivator )...Is there any settings to configure in wisecare 365???
Thank you guys...:)