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Hi i have a zemana antilogger lifetime suscription and anorton 3 years suscription and emsisoft 4 years suscription I want to know if zemana are compatible whith norton. When i use zemana and emsi i see my computer very slow.
I wait your answers
Merry Christmast


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Yup, I have tried ZAL and Norton/Symantec together, Memory usage of those 2 combined is less that 90MB, I even added Malwarebytes Anti Exploit (realtime), Malwarebyte AntiMalware (ondemand), and malwarebytes ransonware (realtime) and total ram usuage is around 120. Zal is a very good program that works extremely with a lot of AV, in fact I believe they advertise that they are compatible with all major AV's. Hope your lifetime license is valid, there has been many deactivation regarding the lifetime keys, I was one of the unlucky ones..

Still bring tears to my eyes!


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What do you say about process Lasso (Thanks for your coments i can use it now whith peace on mind) I dont know how to use process lasso as well I have 8 GB ram


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they have problem with kaspersky other than probably if antivirus has anti-logger protection itself probably ZAL will conflict

ps: avast , eset , avg was fine in my experience


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@Aktiffiso: If you have more decent specifications then no need for Process Lasso actually, it controls your responsiveness of system against CPU eater resources.

By default you can do nothing, for starter just go to Options (menu bar) --> then Enable Probalance.


On the other hand, Zemana AM is more on cloud scanning thus it will not collide to other AV, unlike Antilogger where contains HIPS components that can collide to some AV.