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let alone the rest, i still have the heavy ram usage problem. from what i see in processhacker it consumes rougly 200mb commit and 350mb physical ram, i made a thread here few months back and it still hasnt been fixed yet, anyway i hardly use zemana as my 2nd scanner like i used too. also wont be renewing my license nor buying their new upcoming zemana ultimate product, until i see better improvements on their current products.
I agree. I'm moving on to other products now. Or just Trend since Trend now effectively covers ransomware and Version 12 will have machine learning.

Zemana offered a refund. When I gave them my keys they ignored 14 of my keys and refunded 1 key.. What good is that? If you offer a refund then after say 'just one will be refunded' I'm thinking.. Say what? I'm attempting to at the least - get a pro-rated refund on time used. We'll see how they respond about that but at this point any money back from them is money in my pocket for a product I don't have confidence in any longer.

I'll be skipping their future products.


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I'm not sure Zemana scans JAR files as well.. <sigh>

My test machine had a piece of JAR malware on it. Zemana didn't see it. I executed it. Zemana didn't catch it. I installed Emsisoft on the test machine and Emsisoft immediately caught it and quarantined it..

I know all of this is anecdotal, but sheesh.. I used to really be impressed with Zemana.


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I'm coming back to this thread since i missed reading @Slyguy last few posts before, and just read them.
Then i went hunting for some tests where any Zemana product was tested (ZAM or ZAL) @ MRG-Effitas (only searched tests done by MRG right now, I know its better to look at tests from multiple different testers/sources, but it was easier to just search at MRG first for now...)

Even though it was just based on tests by MRG, already a trend started to emerge that was similar to the OP's thread title...

Its ordered chronologically according to month published

July 2015

July 2016

August 2016

November 2016

Feb 2017

May 2017


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From looking those over, there has been a significant decline in the performance of Zemana...

I've actually stopped using it since posting this thread. I contacted Zemana and asked them if they would weigh in on this thread and they declined and instead offered me a partial refund to 'go away'.. Not much money but it makes me feel less ripped off by them. I see no real need to use them any longer for me personally on my home systems.


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I have a lifetime license, but i'm not using it. I've lost my faith in performance and trust of this company. I have a lot of problems even for uninstalling it, leaving some files that finally i could remove with these instructions:
Q&A - Uninstalling Zemana leaves Drivers behind?
Wow... it's too bad Zemana went downhill for some people.
In my case, two months ago, Zemana was the only one to detect and clean a fileless malware and two other malwares that were badly impacting my laptop. I was so grateful that I even purchased a license for ZAL.
I've also checked the URL. Thank you. Too bad the uninstall wasn't successful. I will be cautious and be alert when the time to uninstall Zemana comes.


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Please don't. A couple of malware packs and a week are not enough proof to indicate a product is not good...
I agree. However, lastly i have some problems with cloud engine (doesn't work) and i don't understand why still Zemana doesn't provide a real uninstaller. Actually, i only use Emsisoft Internet Security and Hitman Pro and Norton Power Eraser as second opinion


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it aint zemana going down it is the malware that is getting better.

even the big boys like f-secure, mcafee, panda, trendmicro & even hitmanpro have taken a dip :

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