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Currently don't have any security apps installed. Have "install from unknown sources" set to off. Any suggestions would be helpful!



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As for security apps i would suggest Bitdefender or Trend Micro.

Bitdefender has an extensive array of anti-theft features that are not present in other products. It's also extremely light because it is cloud based. Another good thing with Bitdefender is that it supports a lot of browsers and not just Chrome. Firefox, Dolphin and Opera are all supported by their web protection. Used it for about six months, it is a great product, no problem at all.

Trend micro has on its side a lot of settings that you can edit, for example, setting the web protection on Normal or High, as you wish. But the best feature that it has, and so far i've not seen the same in another product is that it has the ability to scan an app BEFORE you download it. Most security apps scan an application after it is installed. With Trend micro, when you click on an app that you are interested in, you will see a pop up, showing you that it is scanning the app on Google Play. It takes a few seconds. Then you can decide to download the app or not. It is called Pre-Installation scan.

Give these products a try;)
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