Jim Browning, scambaiter, scammed into deleting YT channel


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Nov 18, 2020

This story is about "Jim Browning" (a psuedonum) who makes videos about tech support scams and exposes them.

Example - Jim contributed to a story on the BBC - Criminals on CCTV: Scammers caught red-handed

A post Jim shared on Reddit about his channel:

" If you're on the ball, you'll have noticed that my YouTube channel has been deleted:

It's the result of a scam .... Yes I fell for it.

It only goes to prove that if you get the circumstances just right, ANYONE can fall for a scam.

I am hoping that YouTube Support can recover the situation by 29th July and I can get the channel back, but they've not promised anything as yet. I just hope it is recoverable.

I will make a video on how all of this went down, but suffice to say, it was pretty convincing until the very end. I hope to post a positive update soon."

I thought this was worth sharing as someone who literally makes his living fighting against scammers apparently fell for a scam.
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Nov 18, 2020
It will be interesting to understand the details of the story.

There are a number of psychological factors that could have been in play that can maje anyone more suspecting to a potential scam eg. when you're very busy with work and concerned about a family member and suddenly get a message from "Youtube"


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Jul 27, 2015
For so called wannabe YTubers it's extra important that I deeply hope they can grasp before it's too late. When one actively and fully knowingly seek out and even attack this kind of elements, they will sooner or later attack back. Doing it in the open as Jim did/do, is of course very commendable, but also a major risk as these lowlife scum of the earth will go after his or anyone else friends, family or even children without hesitate or think twice. Very typical poor mindset and despicable behavior from thief's.