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Discussion in 'Users Review' started by Parsh, Sep 3, 2017.


Do you use Norton Mobile Security on Android?

  1. Yes, Norton Security provided by NortonMobile

  2. Yes, Norton Security from other sources (like Jio)

  3. No, I use another Android AV

  4. Android AVs? Do we really need ..

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  1. Parsh

    Parsh Level 24
    Trusted AV Tester

    Dec 27, 2016
    7 Islands of Bombay
    Windows 10
    Name of Software/Product:
    JioSecurity - Antivirus, App Advisor & Find Phone
    -> Norton AV + Mobile Insight engine (includes Norton Community Watch)
    -> Scanning of Pre-installed apps (for malware, privacy risks, unusual behavior)
    -> App Advisor for Play Store - scan apps before installing
    -> Link Guard - identify unsafe links
    -> Web browsing protection
    -> fairly quick scans (anti-malware + privacy scan)
    -> One of the most intuitive Privacy scanners
    -> See what data of yours is being sent out and where
    -> Good set of Anti-theft features
    -> Security Wipe (wipe after 10 failed unlock attempts)
    -> Call blocking (not very interesting provisions, against stock)
    -> Scan after every update
    -> Scan SD card option
    -> Scans postponed if battery power=low
    -> Provides a basic Activity Log for later analysis
    -> 1 JioSecurity subscription can protect upto 10 mobile devices
    -> Frequent Location searching
    -> Problem detecting new browsers sometimes (not a big deal)
    -> Scan after update may affect device performance, especially the low spec devices
    (No other considerable cons noticed)
    Bottom Line:
    It's powered by an award-winning Android AV (Norton) and boasts of a good deal of security & privacy features over other Android AVs, with a fairly low performance impact on good spec phones. It provides meaningful insight into apps and has a huge database.
    Worth having if it fits your pocket/if you have access via a subscription (like Jio)
    5 / 5 ✪
    5 / 5 ✪
    User Interface:
    4 / 5 ✪
    Fair Usage
    Fair Impact
    Overall Rating:
    Outstanding - 5 / 5 ✪
    Play Store link: JioSecurity - Antivirus, App Advisor & Find Phone - Android Apps on Google Play
    JioSecurity is basically Norton Mobile Security (for Android) delivered to Jio (Indian Carrier) SIM users as a 10-device subscription in all mobile plans. Hence, this review can be taken as a Norton Security review as well.

    It features an 'App Advisor' powered by Norton Mobile Insight (that gives useful details about potential privacy issues and more, refer screenshots) & Norton AV engine that scored a 100% in AV-Tests July report.
    It also includes safe-browsing, link scanner, contacts backup, anti-theft and call-blocking.
    A lot of the provisions have been already mentioned in the 'Advantages' section above. I haven't tested the Anti-theft features yet.

    My overall rating is primarily based on comparison of valuable features with other Android AVs.
    Some features/detection/app advisor samples:
    Screenshot_2017-06-25-13-09-28-300_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-06-25-13-09-37-522_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-09-03-23-12-22-043_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-09-03-22-29-49-499_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png
    Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-26-33-958_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-27-11-094_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-06-24-18-27-32-761_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-06-24-19-04-17-783_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png Screenshot_2017-06-25-03-26-44-195_com.reliancejio.mobilesecurity.png
    PS: It detected a system app (uninstall-able) from my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 as malicious. I'm not very sure about this one!
  2. Sunshine-boy

    Sunshine-boy Level 24

    Apr 1, 2017
    Windows 10
    I don't have an android phone but if Parsh says 5/5 protection so it should be a good app:p
    Thanks for sharing.
  3. Lightning_Brian

    Lightning_Brian Level 9

    Sep 1, 2017
    Information Technology
    Windows 10
    Norton Security has really improved their security software through the years. I will admit there are times that the software can become quite bulky, but that is on their PC side. Back on topic! Norton Security for Andriod is where it is at! I must say Iike this app and I have it on my device. Now, the question is... I also have Zemana on my device...! Zemana is quite nice as well! I may end up transferring my Zemana Pro license to another one of my devices as I don't want things to go goofy on me. Then again, I am quite safe as far as downloading applications onto my phone (not many that I am interested in downloading). Always use the Google Play store, use some common sense for permissions (as far as permissions go), use a reputable AV on your device that scans frequently, and you should be good to go!

    I highly recommend Norton Mobile Security! Hasn't let me down yet. In my humble opinion the utilities, extras, scanning, and security are by far really good compared to other AV offerings out there on Google Play. I'd recommend trying out this app!

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  4. Parsh

    Parsh Level 24
    Trusted AV Tester

    Dec 27, 2016
    7 Islands of Bombay
    Windows 10
    Same here Brian! I've Zemana and Norton (by Jio) in my device alongside MI's inbuilt security (Avast+Tencent+AVL).
    I use only Norton as the real-time AV for monitoring permissions/data theft, app changes and any suspicious activity (it is hard for us to determine what domain of behaviors different Android AVs can monitor). I occasionally scan with Zemana for unwanted keyloggers.

    Somewhat scary are the simple yet innovative ways by which legit-looking apps from Play Store also turn out to be malicious/rogue or these download such apps and exploit system somehow. There have been quite a few news shared here regarding such attacks.
    The complementary measures I use besides avoiding non-PlayStore apps are simply disabling unnecessary permissions as you mentioned and disabling in/outbound connections of non-trusted/temporary apps (that do not need a connection). Updates are another important measure in Android, though not all benefit due to delays or even worse..
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