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johnvass, I like your configuration!
We have ESET on our Windows 7 too,:) and should really follow exterminator20's advice to update to 8 as well!!:cool:
Somehow I think you could probably give me some valuable advice which I may accept in the very near future.:p

Another approach to keeping your system from unwanted changes is through virtualization. The simple way to understand this fancy word (bear with me if this is old news) is to imagine a raincoat that covers and keeps your clothes dry. You remove your coat, once you're back indoors & the danger has passed. The wet coat can be discarded after it's done the job of keeping you safe and dry!!:cool:
  1. Sandboxie Free protects your system from changes while you browse using a "sandbox".
  2. Toolwiz Time Freeze Free protects your system from unwanted changes. If you happen to install a program with malware or infections, restarting returns your system to it's previous state!!:):)
Each of these programs can greatly secure your computer system. I am using Sandboxie right now, and Time Freeze is installed on our old XP system.:D
*Remember, certain programs or changes you wish to keep (security update patches or Important Windows updates) must be done without these protections in place.;)

There is a free Anti-Exploit which works silently while protecting your browser & apps. that is developed by Malwarebytes.
:oops:Oops!!:p Yes, I see it now, john. *rubbs at blurry eyes after hours hours of reading posts on MT!*;) ..right there beneath Zemana!:D
Sysrestorepro. Ah, you see? It's as I said, and you're teaching me something!:):)
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