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Two men who sold piracy-enabled TV boxes and encouraged buyers to access content without an appropriate subscription have been found guilty after a four-day trial in the UK. The individuals, who will be sentenced later this month, face potentially lengthy sentences under the Serious Crime Act 2007 and Fraud Act 2006.

Those looking for a way to obtain otherwise premium subscription TV packages at a cheap price will find that piracy-configured TV devices are easily available online. Equally, those who prefer to see the goods before buying them can often find them for sale at markets up and down the UK. Markets that develop a reputation for pirated and counterfeit goods can attract the attention of the authorities, including local councils. That was the case in July 2017 when Hertfordshire Trading Standards officers carried out a covert operation at Bovingdon Market.
“The message is very clear,” Sharp said. “If you sell a device that provides access to content that is not licensed or owned by you, you will face a criminal conviction and we thank Hertfordshire Trading Standards for their work on this case.”


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Pretty new in the UK for a conviction for this, personally I pay a fair amount monthly for premium / 4K channels via SKY & Amazon + Netflix - I've always believed getting something you should pay for free is wrong seem courts now here agree - If for any reason you don't have funds in the UK there is Freeview - I know the situation is very different in other parts of the globe, & others may disagree.


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if it weren't for file sharing I would never have known and bought CDs, DVDs, movies and music ...
Or does the stupid entertainment industry think that the fame of bands, movies, series comes only from marketing?
Fans where possible bought original products, regardless of having their copy