Level 63
Improved usability and performance with redesigned user interface and new features

New Windows optimization features have been added to jv16 PowerTools 2015 as a result of the latest trends in desktop software, alongside a major redesign of the software’s graphical user interface.

Our goal is to enhance the user interface to improve the overall usability and to reduce the learning curve of jv16 PowerTools users. We want to offer a smooth and lean user experience throughout the Windows cleaning process: keeping your Windows PC lean and clean should be safe, easy and fast.

Here is an early stage screenshot of jv16 PowerTools 2015:

The screenshot only shows the home view of the main window but it highlights the new design philosophy: less is more. We want to offer our users less clutter and confusion and more functional design and well crafted features. More screenshots and more information about the new version will be released in the near future.

The new jv16 PowerTools 2015 will be released before the end of the year, side by side with a new benchmark test study of unseen scale. The study tests and measures the actual system cleaning and optimization effects of jv16 PowerTools in more detail than ever before.

PowerTools 2015 will be a free update to all of our Platinum VIP customers and to all customers who have bought jv16 PowerTools 2014 in August of 2014, or later. In other words, if you buy jv16 PowerTools 2014 now, you will be entitled for a free update to the 2015 version.

The development process to convert PowerTools to open source software is also underway and it has been an integral part of the 2015 edition’s development. This process also brings many benefits to our existing and new customers. For example, we have been removing many anti-piracy measures from the software, resulting in smaller executable size, smaller memory footprint and faster run times. The open source version’s release will most likely take place in later part of next year, probably with PowerTools 2016. The process to release the software as open source has been longer than expected due to the work required to replace all the third party commercial code in the software that we cannot release as open source.