Level 22
Bug Fixes

  • Fix: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer or Initial Setup can fail with an “Access Violation” error message on some systems.
  • Fix: The Duplicate File Finder may not find any duplicate files (always shows an empty result list) on some systems.
  • Fix: Clicking the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer or Startup Optimizer may not open the tool and just reload the main program window.
  • Fix: Enabling or Disabling automatically starting software with the Startup Manager can cause duplicate rows of data to show up on screen.
  • Fix: The Duplicate File Finder can fail to complete its scan with “Access Violation” error message.
Feature Improvements

  • Improvement: Improved the accuracy of the Software Uninstaller.
  • Improvement: The Startup Manager now show more accurate data of the automatically starting software in the system.
  • Improvement: The Duplicate File Finder will now automatically sort the found duplicate files by their file size. Before, the sorting order was random and it was not possible to manually sort by size either."