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Hi Kantry123

Have two simultaneous antivirus on your computer ?.
If so, remove one immediately. They say to my people who " house with two doors is difficult to keep ."

I would remove Eset and stay with Karpesky . Then I would install at least one on-demand scanner , I really like MalwareBytes .

I put the following extensions: Adblock ( Adblock Plus on Mozilla) , Wot , DoNottrackme and Ghostery .

Thanks for sharing your settings and remember, MalwareTips can be really addictive.

Kind Regards
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Sr. Normal's recommendations are extra "Normally" good, and the Add-ons for Firefox are worthy of your attention.:) As was stated, only one anti-virus should be running the show, that is unless you've removed real time protection from either of the AVs.

In Chrome Browser, set the built-in cookie blocker.
  1. Choose settings, then scroll down to "Show advanced settings".
  2. Beneath "Privacy" <click> the "Content Settings" button.
  3. Check the box beside "Block third-party cookies and site data".
  • Sandboxie Free www.sandboxie.com is an effective free protection in effect during browsing, and allows one to test drive extensions before deciding to keep them (as all browser changes are temporary, and disappear when the sandbox is deleted!).;)
The extension we trust and use most in our home utilizes encryption security whenever passwords are retrieved or created. It is called LastPass.
  1. Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lastpass-free-password-ma/hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd
  2. For Firefox download the latest VERSION 3.1.54 directly from the developer https://lastpass.com/download/cdn/lp_win.xpi
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Hi @Kantry123.:)
Is there an uninstalling advantage with "Total" over "Revo"?
Well REVO Failed to remove Registry entries and also misses some folders dedicated to it!!

while Total UNINSTALL is very very good at finding registry keys and FOLDERS concerned to the APP which we are to remove
eg- If u want to remove Firefox with its ADD-ONS ,REVO will just emove the app and its registry entries but it will NOT Remove add-on folder!!
VICE-VERSA in the case of TU it removes everything related to the application and next time if u try to install it it will show totally as a new version is installed.


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Great setup overall, nothing substantial needs to be added.

However, I would like to make some (optional) suggestions:

If you like to test malware samples, I recommend you do so within a virtual machine. VirtualBox is a powerful, free and open-source virtual machine deployment and management application.

KeePass is a great alternative password manager to LastPass, with excellent and versatile security features. In addition, it is open-source software, which means that anyone can check the source code for malicious functions, and thus, if they do not trust official builds, they can compile a build by themselves, thus maximizing the security potential of the software.

Other than that, you're good to go!
Thanks for sharing your config with us! :p


Solid config and good switch from uBlock to AdGuard, giving you system-wide blocking.

Just a heads up, you've got "Total Uninstall" twice in your other software list.