"Kape Technologies", owner of Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) renames to "Private Internet"


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Jan 25, 2016
Why another name change?
As noted earlier, this latest decision will be the second time in the past few years that the company has changed it’s name:

Crossrider > Kape Technologies > Private Internet (planned)

So why does this company keep changing its name?

Answer: to distance itself from a questionable and controversial past.

As the CEO admitted here, the name change was an attempt to distance Kape from controversial “past activities”:

The decision to rename the company, explains Erlichman was due to the strong association to the past activities of the company as well as the need to enhance the consumer facing brand for the business.

CyberGhost also admitted in a blog post that Crossrider was an “ad tech” company that did the “opposite” of what CyberGhost does (privacy and security):

While CyberGhost focused on privacy and security from day one, Crossrider started out as a company that distributed browser extensions and developed ad tech products. Quite the opposite of what we did.

This latest name change seems to fulfill two objectives:

It further distances the company (Kape/Crossrider) from its controversial past.
It rebrands the business to be about “privacy” now that it owns three different VPNs.