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This is just a suggestion ...

What version of Windows?

I would choose either HitmanPro or Zemana, but not both. HitmanPro and Zemana both use the Kaspersky scan engine ... so there is duplication there.

Are you using paid or free versions ?

Also, (3) system optimizers\cleaners is not necessary. Perhaps choose only your favorite?

You want more powerful security configuration ... please explain where you feel the need to improve?

It is already a good config for typical use.

Consider encryption if you will actually use it; I suggest VeraCrypt.


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Oct 23, 2012
Windows version ?
IMO CCleaner is more than enough but like it has been said one option would be fine


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Dec 4, 2013
Hello KaranKohli.
Your configuration shares 2 apps in common with our own Windows 8.1, Avast & (an uninstalled iObit Advanced System Care). Instead, I have been using CCleaner which according to popular opinion on MT (I trust exterminator20) as well as from my own experience, is safe enough to use daily or even more if you'd like!:p A "more powerful computer" doesn't have to mean indestructible. My hope is that you'll practice careful consideration of what you click upon as well as the sites you visit online. If you download programs, as often as you can, do practice downloading directly from the developers' sites, and beware of bundled adware & PUPs.
Currently, a trustworthy site providing both information and unaltered dowloads is softpedia.com

Thanks for sharing your configuration. We hope you'll enjoy the many suggestions fellow members will share with you now & in times to come as well as contributing your knowledge too.:)
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Mar 15, 2011
Fine configuration, Avast Internet Security is more bit design to tweak configuration especially using like Safe Zone and their firewall settings but still protection capabilities is not a problem; using so called Hardening Mode feature is optional and may cause a bit problem in other software that marks to be unknown source but legitimate itself.

As mentioned by other users, one cleaner software is fine and you don't need other tools to clean all junk files on your system since they have so minimal difference of their accuracy.
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