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Hi, I hope to ask some questions::)

1. It seems that the current version of Kaspersky 2016 is "MR0", right? Then, what is the meaning of "MR"?

2. I heard that when a new major version of Kaspersky is released, the user has to uninstall the old major version, download the new version, and install it all by hand. I hope to know that, whether the updates like "MR1" would be pushed to the user and installed automatically, or not?
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1.- MR -> Maintenance Release 0 -> MR0 2016 was the 1st official released in summer :)

2.- Yes, until now... They promised last year a new upgrading system to solve that, but still waiting :eek::mad:


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This time I won't even ask for a changelog. :D
So, when the stable version of MR1 is released, users of Kaspersky would still need to uninstall MR0 manually?:confused:
Kaspersky promised that this version should automatically upgrade to MR1 and further, nobody knows if it is working since there haven't been any upgrades except patches for this version.