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There are also KFA builds to test in different languages: Kaspersky Free Antivirus...
Thats good news...

I want to check out english free version... How to download english free version?


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Do you need a registered Kaspersky account to use their Free Antivirus?


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KFA automatically activates it with 83 days remaining (though the license is 91 days for beta) on my system, no need of registration.
After installed Chrome keeps giving error page telling that "Your connection is not private" when navigating to any site.

Edit: After restarting Chrome couldn't start. Removed KFA immediately :D
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You have to think that is the 1st public beta of KFA :) of course there are bugs :D the product is not stable and optimized for performance yet...
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KFA has traditional protection like file/web protection i.e signs/heur.

For proactive protection there is nothing...just cloud or Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

Dont know how good kaspersky signs/heur are? And how good proactive protection KSN can provide?

What you guys think of KFA? Is it any better than current good free AVs or is the same or gives more/less compared to them?


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This is the first beta, we need to wait for the stable release. If you use KFA with a decent firewall or winpatrol, everything should be fine.

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How long MR1 beta testing runs?
And the 2nd step is stable release or RC, etc...?