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Kaspersky Lab has debuted a beta version of Kaspersky Anti-Cheat to help tournament organisers combat in-game cheating.
The cloud-based offering enables real-time cheat detection. Once installed on a player’s computer, the game process information is collected, sent to the Kaspersky Anti-Cheat cloud and analysed for suspicious events.
At the same time, the tournament referee will receive direct real-time cheat reports via a Web interface. In this way, the solution provides technical evidence of cheating without taking any actions upon the player, rather leaving the final decision to the referee and tournament organisers.
It can be easily integrated through the API of the eSports platform, and rolled out to players and used to guarantee fair play during the online stages of a tournament when it’s particularly difficult to monitor cheating.
Importantly, says the company, while ensuring cheat detection, Kaspersky Anti-Cheat puts the user experience first and does not affect the game process or overload traffic.
According to Kaspersky, online gamers today are often faced with cheating in games. According to the latest Irdeto Global Gaming Survey, a mere 12% claim they have never had a multi-player gaming experience spoilt by unfair actions of other players, while one in three gamers have confessed to cheating.
Cheating isn't good for gaming, as it can deter fair and professional players from taking part in competitions, and brings the gaming community into disrepute. Moreover, cheating can affect the popularity and reputation of a tournament, and might even start lowering the revenue or number of partnerships for the organisers, says Kaspersky.
Anton Selikhov, product owner of Kaspersky Anti-Cheat, says fair play is highly important to gamers who strive to show their class and skill. “When games like CS:GO, PUBG or DOTA 2 become overloaded with cheaters, honest gamers will either stop playing or even give up the game for good.”
He says the solution will provide tournament organisers with an opportunity to maintain a stable balance in the gaming community and monitor the progress of their competitions.
The Kaspersky Anti-Cheat solution is available across the globe and is designed for both game developers and eSport tournament organisers.
Source: Kaspersky debuts Anti-Cheat to combat in-game cheating