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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 [90 Days trial]

Whenever you’re online – shopping, banking, surfing & socializing – you need to make sure you’re safe from Internet attacks, infections & cybercrime.
With just one license to buy, you can protect your privacy, money & children – on PC, Mac & Android.

  • Safeguards you against today’s Internet threats
  • Defends your privacy & personal information
  • Boosts security for online shopping & banking
How to get it:
on the end of the page
1. Enter Your Name
2. your Email and
3. click Souhlasím and click Potdvrtid

90 Days free Trial
You must install kis.exe from the given link in the email.


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I think this offer is just recyling an old 90-day key from KIS 2016, which is valid for 2017 also. So if you used the said key on your present machine, and you didn't reinstall windows, you will probably find that the key doesn't work.


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It's a multi-device? How I can install on my android phone? I mean, how I can use the the key?
90 day trial installers are not multi device because you do not have a license but a special 90 day installer.
You have to fill in the required information and then download the installer link in your email.
You then install it on your PC as you would any other installer.
It will be pre-activated for 90 days.

It is for Windows only.
In order to use a KIS on multiple devices,such as Android, you need a KIS multi device license


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"Your Connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from" Anyone else or just me?


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This promo is over, the downloaded KIS.exe fails to download the program data from the server. I also tried the same promo for 2016 which is french and it fails as well.