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1) Is my settings good enough? I want good protection settings without performance compromise my 4th gen Haswell gaming rig
  1. General Protection tab: Untick Perform recommended actions automatically
  2. Protection tab: Disable Software Updater
  3. File antivirus: Scan Mode = On access and modification. Action on threat detection = prompt on detection. Heuristic Analysis = Light scan. Scan technologies = ISwift + IChecker. Scan Optimization = ticked. File types = Files scanned by format.
  4. Web antivirus: Security level = high. Action on threat detection = prompt on detection. URL Advisor = On all websites except those specificied
  5. Application Control: Untick trust digitally signed applications. Trust group for unknown application = untrusted. Trust group for applications started before startup of KIS = High restricted
  6. Webcam protection: block access to webcam for all apps
  7. Firewall: All 5 boxes ticked
  8. Private Browsing: Block Data collection and block tracking ticked
  9. Application Manager: Tick two boxes under Installation Assistant
  10. Performance tab: Use Gaming Mode, Release resources to the OS, Prevent infection during OS restart, Postpone PC scans when CPU and disk on high load
  11. Scan tab: Security level = high.
  12. Additional tab > Threats and exclusions settings: Check Detect software and advanced disinfection
  13. Network tab: Monitored ports = monitor all network ports
  14. Appearance tab: Do not use smooth transition between windows
  15. KSN: Enable

2) Regarding to the scan mode in File Antivirus. Can someone explain to me what is Smart Mode, On access and modification, On access, and On execution? Will any of these going to low my protection?

3) Should I tick scan archives and scan installation in File antivirus under Scan of compound files? Will it slow down my PC performance?

Thanks a lot guys. :):oops:
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Are you hiding from a nation state? :D

Your setup is too paranoid for my taste. It looks like you will run into many issues because it is too hard for applications to get something done. You are punishing all the good applications for no reason. The default settings will detect everything you will ever come across. Having so many settings at high is a waste of CPU and disk I/O and remember your AV is operating at their expense, now you risk hardware health for software health. Personally I believe hardware health > software health. But if you don't mind that go for it. I don't understand why you would untrust digitally signed applications, again the CIA is not after you. I see people at Malwaretips do this for other AVs and Comodo Firewall and it's pure tinfoil hat. 99.9% of malware is unsigned you will most likely never come across signed malware in your entire life. Remember you also have brain.exe you don't have to set your AV to max like that for 99.9999% of all malware out there. System Watcher and the rest of Kaspersky will detect anything unknown and phony and notify you to make a decision anyway.
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