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Does anyone have any views or opinions about Kaspersky Password Manager. I am considering using this but I have found very few reviews (and those do exist are now dated). It seems to me that it might be good to go with a well established security company for password management rather than a smaller operator like Last pass or 1Password which everyone seems to recommended.

Is Kaspersky Password Manager any good ? The pricing seems quite reasonable.
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KPM is a great tool just try it, the free version will allow you to store 15 account passwords and if you like it go for the Premium version. KPM is available for Windows , IOS and Android ...
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KPM is an off-shoot of Sticky Password (SP). But it is limited in that regard. I'd rec SP instead (free, if you don't use cloud sync version - a good idea in my mind). SP has much better tech support, is more frequently updated, and is friendlier importing/exporting from/to other password managers.

Otherwise I use KTS.
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