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Hi, really sorry if this is the wrong place or the wrong kind of forum to ask these kind of questions (alot of you guys seem like pros haha)

My Kaspersky AV licence is up and i'm looking at buying Total Security for another year and saw on Kaspersky website this new software they are calling Kaspersky Security cloud. The page for my knowledge is a little vague and it just looks kind of like Total Security repackaged.

Is there any crucial differences in KTS and this new Security cloud that would benefit me buying that instead?

Thanks for your time


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Are you referring to Endpoint Security Cloud? If so it's for business customers only. If you're referring to something else could you please link to it.

If you're happy with KTS then I see no reason why you shouldn't renew it.
Agreed, because if Kaspersky has a new cloud solution with no signature I wanna know too.
If it's that endpoint then , not so much, but a cloud based sig-free version of Kaspersky would be a very awesome development indeed, imho :)


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Sorry here is the link -

Yeah i was fully intending to but this caught my eye and got me wondering
Interesting. Didn't know about this. Unfortunately the site doesn't explain too clearly what it is exactly so I can't tell you if it offers the same protection as KTS. My advice would be to let your KTS licence run out and use the 30-day free trial of Security Cloud to see what it's like and if you prefer it over KTS.
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It's a product similar to KTS, but some features are different, I tested KSCloud 2018 beta for a while, there are new features to control familiarly systems, also a WiFi scanner to detect systems in our WiFi network, a remodelled Vulnerability System scanner, and some of these new features managed via "My Kaspersky" service...

Some screen shots: Kaspersky Security Cloud KS: beta