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HI everyone,

Nice to meet you.
I am glad to be here at MalwareTips.com and i am new comer.
I decided to register as member in this forum and would like to consult and get some advise.

after KIS automatic update the patch G for kaspersky version version? especially on the system watcher.
I found out the system watcher by default - not allow the application to creating a temp file (.Dat or .Ini).

Can you please share or advice is there any alternative way to allow those files when the application program was running.


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Dear Harlan,

Thank for your info, Which application is affected ? [own develop software]. every time when i run the report, system will auto created an .dat file. But it has block by the system watcher. unless i disable the system watcher.
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Ok, did You create exclusions?

You may create exclusions via the settings in Threats and Exclusions -> Manage Exclusions and Trusted Applications, also You may create exclusions via the rules in Application Control -> accessing (with left mouse button -> Details & rules (of Your own application) -> Exclusions.

if Still not go, then You should create a ticket to Kaspersky Support via the service "My Kaspersky" My Kaspersky