Update KAV\KIS\KS\KSOS: MR4 beta


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Jun 26, 2020
Any bug or problem with the version of ??? System impact?
None, one of the best in performance. (That is not the last version of the application, the last one is 21.3...)


I have KIS at home and performing well.

In the office I have Kaspersky Endpoint and you can see, no impact in the system.



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Jun 26, 2020
Kaspersky applications for home and small office now support Windows 11.
More info: Compatibility of Kaspersky applications with Windows 11

Patch G for version

Patch G for Kaspersky Internet Security version was released on October 18, 2021.
In patch G, we have fixed the Path traversal attack vulnerability found with the help of Zero Day Initiative.
To install the patch:
  1. Run the database update for Kaspersky Internet Security. For instructions, see Online Help.
  2. Restart the computer once the updates are completed.
The patch will be installed. To check if the patch was installed successfully, open the application window and click the Support icon in the lower-left corner. The information about the application version will be available in the window that opens. The version number will have the letter g added.
To complete the patch installation successfully, computer reboot is required. If you don't reboot the computer in seven days after the application receives the patch, the icon on the Windows taskbar will turn red.
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Oct 23, 2014

do you know why Kaspersky Cloud Free has a firewall enabled?

When going to the Windows 10 security dashboard and then through firewall protection > firewall notification settings > managed providers

It claims Kaspersky is off while Windows Firewall is on. Which seems fine.
However when clicking on the “open app” setting for Kaspersky there it allows me to go directly to Kaspersky’s own firewall settings.

I see that the firewall is enabled and when I disable it I got a warning from Kaspersky saying that “KSC cannot provide complete protection”

But does Kaspersky Cloud Free even need to have that setting enabled?


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Apr 28, 2015
I think this is a bug still not fixed, that comes from previous versions, this is not the 1st time it is posted here hehe, I will try to report it...