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More info: Patch G is available for testing - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Bug fixes:
• Bug 1647892:[DNT] DNT plugin doesn't show number of detected trackers on some web pages in FF 45
• Requirement 1618742:[BRQ][Windows 10]RS1 compatibility
• Bug 1673533:KIS 2016MR0 Patch G:the screenshot via Print Screen key can't be inserted to MS Paint
• Bug 1609750:[2016 MR0 patch G] [Wi-Fi] BSOD when disabling Wi-Fi driver
• Bug 1638483:Support:OB: Cannot open Safe Money page with 0x000000ff error
• Bug 1648884:certificate cant be checked due to “no KSN response”
• Bug 1657434:KSN timeout during certificate check in safe browser