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At every big updates some system will have issues, that is a statistic, nothing is 100% efficient.

To avoid that i always do those kind of updates on a clean install. Never get any issues since the launch of Windows 10.

you may loose 15mn restoring an image, but the update will works, not being hampered by leftovers from security softs, other programs, etc...


I clean installed and then promptly hid KB3149135 and KB3163018 until it all gets sorted out.

Touchpad\ELAN pointer device was acting very weirdly while working in WPS spreadsheet and in reply boxes of forums.

Could be touchy touchpad - but it was never this bad. Since the 1st KB install messed with my ELAN driver it could be the KB - but also could be something else.

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Screw M$' forced updates !! :D


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So mine didn't update because update failed same as last 3 Windows version upgrades. I am not going to clean install each time it happens and then have to install and configure all my other software.


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As always mentioned, everything are isolated.

However that is a problem, very unpredictable which sometimes being conscious is not a bad idea to prevent possible untoward incidents.