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Level 37
Jan 9, 2020
KeePass 2.46 released

Changes from 2.45 to 2.46

New Features:
  • The entry editing dialog can now edit all currently selected entries at once.
  • As entry attachment icons, the icons associated with the respective file types (in the system settings) are used now.
  • When running on .NET 4.8 or higher, secure connections (e.g. for WebDAV) now support TLS 1.3.
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+* (numeric keypad) for the 'Expand Recursively' group command.
  • Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl+/ (numeric keypad) for the 'Collapse Recursively' group command.
  • Right-clicking on the header of the main entry list now shows the 'Configure Columns' command.
  • The {VKEY ...} command now supports some flags (for specifying whether to send a key down or up event only and/or whether to send an extended key).
  • Added configuration option for protecting KeePass windows against certain screen capture operations.
  • Added command line parameter '-wa-enable:' for enabling specific Mono workarounds.
  • On Unix-like systems with a Wayland compositor, KeePass (with the KPUInput plugin) can now auto-type the default sequence and manually selected sequences of the currently selected entry.
  • Improved quality of the icons in the entry 'URL(s)' menu.
  • Improved quality of the icons in the drop-down list of the 'Override URL' field in the entry editing dialog.
  • Improved control state updating in the entry editing dialog.
  • The file selection dialog for the Generic CSV Importer now shows only CSV, TSV, TAB, TXT and ASC files by default.
  • Improved user interface of the Generic CSV Importer.
  • For large texts containing probably invalid characters, the internal data viewer now shortens the text and provides a 'Show more' link for expanding the text; this ensures a responsive user interface in this case.
  • Improved caching of dialog banners.
  • Moved the help source selection from the 'Help' main menu to the options dialog (tab 'Integration').
  • If the application policy option 'Export - No Key Repeat' is turned off, the master key must now be entered directly before the export is performed, i.e. after choosing the format and the target.
  • The application policy option 'Export - No Key Repeat' now also applies to the trigger action 'Export active database'.
  • When running on Mono, the options 'Focus quick search box when restoring from taskbar' and 'Focus quick search box when restoring from tray' are disabled now (because they do not work reliably due to a bug in Mono).
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.
  • The attachment button drop-down menus in the entry editing dialog now use the correct font.
  • The 'Tools' button in the entry editing dialog is not disabled for TAN entries anymore.



Level 37
Jan 9, 2020

KeePass 2.47 released​

Changes from 2.46 to 2.47:​

New Features:

  • In the 'Find' dialog, search parameters can now be saved as profiles; the profiles can be accessed quickly via the main menu ('Find' → 'Search Profiles') and the group context menu.
  • Added search mode 'XPath expression' in the 'Find' dialog, which creates a KeePass 2.x XML DOM of the current database in memory and finds entries using the specified XPath expression.
  • Added option 'History' in the 'Find' dialog, which includes history entries in searches.
  • Added 'Help' button in the 'Find' dialog.
  • Added auto-type matching option 'Consider similar dashes as identical' (in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Advanced', turned on by default).
  • Added commands 'Copy Group (Encrypted)', 'Copy Group (Unencrypted)' and 'Paste Group' (in the menu 'Group' → 'Data Exchange').
  • When loading/saving a configuration file fails, an error message is displayed now, and in certain cases a backup of the configuration file is created (the path is mentioned in the error message).
  • Added configuration option for saving the configuration (turned on by default).
  • On the 'Security' tab page of the options dialog, two links have been added, which open help pages for experts and administrators.
  • Added {TIMEOTP} placeholder, which generates a time-based one-time password (as specified in RFC 6238).
  • Enhanced XML key file format (added hash that allows to verify the integrity of the key; values are now encoded using hexadecimal characters in order to improve the readability).
  • Added command 'Print Key File Backup' (in 'File' → 'Print').
  • In the dialog that asks whether to print an emergency sheet, there is now an option 'Also print a key file backup' (on Windows), if the master key contains a key file.
  • Added command 'Create Key File' (in 'Tools' → 'Advanced Tools'), which shows a dialog for creating a new key file (random key) or for recreating a key file from a printed backup.
  • Added Argon2id key derivation function.
  • Added support for importing Dashlane 6.2039.0 JSON files.
  • Dashlane and RoboForm import: domains are now mapped to HTTPS URLs (instead of HTTP URLs).
  • Added option 'Use a different master key' in the import/export dialog (tab page 'Options').
  • Added option 'Additionally export parent groups' in the import/export dialog (tab page 'Options').
  • Added options 'Open exported file (with associated application)' and 'Show exported file (with file manager)' in the import/export dialog (tab page 'Options').
  • The 'About' dialog now shows whether KeePass is currently running as 32- or 64-bit application.
  • Plugins can now disable/enable specific Mono workarounds.
  • Added workaround for Mono URL opening bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono HTML document opening bug.

  • Improved performance of certain searches.
  • Various user interface improvements in the search dialog.
  • Improved keyboard shortcut handling (e.g. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab now also work when the quick search box is focused).
  • The local configuration file is now loaded only if necessary.
  • Improved performance of configuration saving.
  • Changed default key file extension from 'key' to 'keyx'.
  • Most key file dialogs now only show '*.keyx' and '*.key' files by default.
  • When clicking the key file 'Browse' button in the master key creation dialog and selecting a file that is not an XML key file, KeePass now asks whether to use the file as key file anyway.
  • Improved key file loading/saving error messages.
  • Various user interface improvements in the import/export dialog.
  • The import/export dialog does not accept relative file paths anymore.
  • The import/export dialog now shows an error message when trying to export to multiple files.
  • Removed indeterminate progress indicators while displaying the import/export dialog.
  • Improved field to standard field mapping function.
  • Moved command 'Empty Recycle Bin' directly below the 'Delete Group' command.
  • Moved commands 'Print Group' and 'Export Group' into the 'Data Exchange' popup menu.
  • Improved quality of some icons.
  • Improved dialog banner caching.
  • Improved performance of certain object collection operations.
  • History entry UUIDs are now fixed automatically.
  • Increased default value of Argon2 memory parameter.
  • Improved task dialog parent determination.
  • The setup program now installs KeePass into a folder in 'C:\Program Files' by default (i.e. without '(x86)' suffix; this is reasonable, because on a 64-bit operating system, KeePass runs as 64-bit application).
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.

  • Search: regular expressions starting with a '-' are not treated as exclusions anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that caused KeePass to hang when trying to read a configuration file that contains certain unsupported nodes.

KeePass 2.47 released - KeePass


Level 72
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Aug 17, 2014

KeePass 2.48 has been released today​

Changes from 2.47 to 2.48:​

New Features:
  • New KDBX 4.1 file format, which supports various new features (listed below).
  • Added support for group tags (KDBX 4.1).
  • In the entry/group dialogs, there now is a button to show a menu for adding/removing existing tags.
  • If an entry/group inherits a tag from a parent group, a link is displayed in the entry/group dialog to show the parent groups and their tags.
  • Added option in the entry dialog for disabling/enabling the password quality estimation for the current entry (KDBX 4.1).
  • If the password quality estimation is disabled for an entry, the entry is now excluded from password quality reports (menu 'Find' → 'Password Quality').
  • When moving an entry/group into a different group (e.g. into the recycle bin), the previous parent group is remembered now (KDBX 4.1, not enforcing).
  • Added command 'Move to Previous Parent Group' (in the 'Rearrange' popup menu; if the command will move all selected entries/groups out of the recycle bin, a '(Restore)' suffix is appended to the command name; if at least one entry/group will be moved into/within the recycle bin, a confirmation dialog is displayed).
  • Renaming a list view item (if supported, e.g. a file attached to an entry) can now be initiated by pressing the F2 key.
  • Each custom icon may now have a name, and its last modification time is remembered (KDBX 4.1).
  • In the icon picker dialog, a custom icon can now be renamed (click on an already selected name or press the F2 key).
  • In the icon picker dialog, the dimensions and the size of a custom icon are now displayed in a tooltip.
  • The UUID and the deletion time of a deleted custom icon are remembered now, and this information is used in order to delete the custom icon during a synchronization (if the last modification time is older than the deletion time).
  • Added built-in URL override for associating the 'ssh' URL scheme with 'SSH.exe' (OpenSSH, included in Windows 10; activatable/deactivatable in 'Tools' → 'Options' → tab 'Integration' → button 'URL Overrides').
  • Added support for loading images with Exif orientation tags.
  • Enhanced the LastPass import module to support CSV files created by the latest versions.
  • Enhanced the nPassword import module to import group tags.
  • The last modification time of a database-specific custom data item (by a plugin/port) is now saved (KDBX 4.1).
  • When synchronizing databases, database-specific custom data items (by plugins/ports) are now merged based on their last modification times.
  • Added support for loading KDBX 4 files created by other applications that do not perform a binary content deduplication.
  • Added workaround for .NET/Windows TopMost/WS_EX_TOPMOST desynchronization bug.

  • Various user interface improvements in the group dialog (moved the notes box to the first tab page, moved the auto-type behavior option to the auto-type tab, ...).
  • Tags are sorted naturally now.
  • Improved tag handling performance.
  • Various user interface improvements in the icon picker dialog.
  • The temporary icon that represents multiple icons (when editing multiple entries at once) is now named '(Multiple values)'.
  • Improved custom icon handling performance.
  • The placeholders {HMACOTP} and {TIMEOTP} now automatically add padding to shared secrets in Base32 encoding, if necessary.
  • Improved error handling of the placeholders {HMACOTP} and {TIMEOTP}.
  • Internal data viewer/editor: '*.asc', '*.tab' and '*.tsv' files are now treated as text files by default.
  • The internal data viewer now does not try to display non-HTML files using the web browser control anymore.
  • Improved error handling of the Bitwarden JSON and nPassword NPW import modules.
  • Improved merging of custom data items (by plugins/ports) in the KDBX file header.
  • Improved image hashing.
  • Improved version display in the 'About' dialog.
  • Installer: improved file overwriting.
  • On 64-bit operating systems, the registry value for the setup option 'Optimize KeePass start-up performance' is now created in the 64-bit view of the registry.
  • ShInstUtil now fully supports Unicode.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.

  • The command 'Delete Unused Custom Icons' does not delete icons anymore that are still used by history entries.
Source: KeePass 2.48 released - KeePass


Level 72
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Aug 17, 2014

KeePass 2.48 update includes an upgraded password database file format​

KeePass 2.48 won't use the new format by default at this stage, mainly because of waiting for KeePass ports to add support for the new format before enabling it in all cases.

The new format will be used if at least one of the following conditions is met:
  • A group with a tag exists.
  • An entry for which password quality estimation has been disabled exists.
  • A custom icon with a non-empty name or a last modification time exists.
  • A custom data item with a last modification date exists.
In other words: the new 4.1 version of the password database file format will be used if one of the new features of it is used.

The new features introduce new options for users. KeePass supported the tagging of individual entries already, and the new group tagging feature extends the tagging functionality to group. Searches will return tags in individual entries and groups now once the new database format is used.