KeePassXC 2.6.5


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Nov 10, 2017
KeePassXC 2.6.5 release notes:

  • Show search bar when toolbar is hidden or in overflow [#6279]
  • Show countdown for clipboard clearing in status bar [#6333]
  • Command line option to lock all open databases [#6511]
  • Allow CSV import of bare TOTP secrets [#6211]
  • Retain file creation time when saving database [#6576]
  • Set permissions of saved attachments to be private to the current user [#6363]
  • OPVault: Use Text instead of Name for attribute names [#6334]
  • Reports: Allow resizing of reports columns [#6435]
  • Reports: Toggle showing expired entries [#6534]
  • Save Always on Top setting [#6236]
  • Password generator can exclude additional lookalike characters (6/G, 8/B) [#6196]
  • Allow setting MSI properties in unattended install [#6196]
  • Update MainWindow minimum size to enable smaller verticle space [#6196]
  • Use application font size when setting default or monospace fonts [#6332]
  • Fix notes not clearing in entry preview panel in some cases [#6481]
  • macOS: Correct window activation when restoring from tray [#6575]
  • macOS: Better handling of minimize after unlock when using browser integration [#6338]
  • Linux: Start after the system tray is available on LXQt [#6216]
  • Linux: Allow selection of modal dialogs on X11 in Auto-Type [#6204]
  • KeeShare: prevent crash when file extension is missing [#6174]