KeePassXC (64-bit) is released


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Sep 5, 2017
What's new in this version:

- Add 'Paper Backup' aka 'Export to HTML file' to the 'Database' menu
- Add statistics panel with information about the database (number of entries, number of unique passwords, etc.) to the Database Settings dialog
- Add offline user manual accessible via the 'Help' menu
- Add support for importing 1Password OpVault files
- Implement secret storage DBus protocol so that KeePassXC can be used as a vault service by libsecret
- Add support for OnlyKey as an alternative to YubiKeys (requires yubikey-personalization >= 1.20.0)
- Add group sorting feature
- Add feature to download favicons for all entries at once
- Add word case option to passphrase generator
- Add support for RFC6238-compliant TOTP hashes
- Add UNIX man page for main program
- Add 'Monospaced font' option to the notes field
- Add support for key files in auto open
- Add search field for filtering entries in Auto-Type dialog
- Complete usernames based on known usernames from other entries
- Parse hyperlinks in the notes field of the entry preview pane
- Allow abbreviation of field names in entry search
- Allow setting group icons recursively
- Add copy context menu for username and password in Auto-Type dialog
- Drop to background after copying a password to the clipboard
- Add 'Lock databases' entry to tray icon menu
- Add option to minimize window after unlocking
- Add option to minimize window after opening a URL
- Request accessibility permissions for Auto-Type on macOS
- Browser: Add initial support for multiple URLs
- Browser: Add entry-specific browser integration settings
- CLI: Add offline HIBP checker (requires a downloaded HIBP dump)
- CLI: Add 'flatten' option to the 'ls' command
- CLI: Add password generation options to Add and Edit commands
- CLI: Add XML import
- CLI: Add CSV export to the 'export' command
- CLI: Add -y --yubikey option for YubiKey
- CLI: Add --dry-run option for merging databases
- CLI: Add group commands (mv, mkdir and rmdir)
- CLI: Add interactive shell mode command open

- Redesign database unlock dialog
- Rework the entry preview panel
- Move notes to General tab on Group Preview Panel
- Enable entry actions when editing an entry and cleanup entry context menu
- Improve detection of external database changes
- Warn if user is trying to use a KDBX file as a key file
- Add option to disable KeePassHTTP settings migrations prompt
- Re-enabled Wayland support (no Auto-Type yet)
- Add icon to 'Toggle Window' action in tray icon men
- Merge custom data between databases only when necessary
- Improve various file-handling related issues when picking files using the system's file dialog
- Add 'New Entry' context menu when no entries are selected
- Reduce default Argon2 settings from 128 MiB and one thread per CPU core to 64 MiB and two threads to account for lower-spec mobile hardware
- Browser: Remove unused 'Remember' checkbox for HTTP Basic Auth
- Browser: Show database name when pairing with a new browser
- Browser: Show URL in allow access dialog
- CLI: The password length option -l for the CLI commands Add and Edit is now -L
- CLI: The -u shorthand for the --upper password generation option has been renamed to -U
- CLI: Rename command extract to export

- Improve accessibility for assistive technologies
- Correctly unlock all databases if --pw-stdin is provided
- Fix password generator issues with special characters
- Fix KeePassXC interrupting shutdown procedure
- Fix password visibility toggle button state on unlock dialog
- Fix potential data loss if database is reloaded while user is editing an entry
- Fix hard-coded background color in search help popup
- Fix font choice for password preview
- Fix handling of read-only files when autosave is enabled
- Handle symlinks correctly when atomic saves are disabled
- Enable HighDPI icon scaling on Linux
- Make Auto-Type on macOS more robust and remove old Carbon API calls
- Hide Share tab if KeePassXC is compiled without KeeShare support and other minor KeeShare improvements
- Correctly bring window to the front when clicking tray icon on macOS
- Correct application shortcut created by MSI Installer on Windows
- Fix crash when removing custom data
- Fix placeholder resolution in URLs
- Fix various inconsistencies and platform-dependent compilation bugs
- Browser: Fix potential leaking of entries through the browser integration API if multiple databases are opened
- Browser: Fix password entropy calculation
- Browser: Fix Windows registry settings for portable installation

change log: KeePassXC 2.5.0 released - KeePassXC
Download : Download - KeePassXC
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