The Cog in the Machine

Level 21
Hello! The new version of Kerish Doctor has been released. :)

We are pleased to announce the release of the first of two summer updates.
It mainly affects the visual part, the second summer update will affect the functional part.
Starting with this version, it became possible to choose the Kerish Doctor interface theme (dark, light, etc.) We will gradually expand the set of interface themes for the application, in addition, users will be able to create their own interface themes.
We have optimized the application for display at high screen resolutions, for example, on 4K displays.
Also, due to numerous requests from system administrators, we have added the ability to search through program reports.
The second update will also be released this summer and will include all the other innovations that have been planned, including:

* New component called "Apps Performance Optimization"
* Comprehensive "on-the-go" removal of the remains of applications being uninstalled
* New "Fast File Search" tool
* Automatic PC shutdown due to critical component overheating (hard drive, video card or CPU) - helps physically save your hardware
* Update of the "Confidential Data": tool: possibility to wipe out private information from over 100 different applications, not just from web browsers history
* Update of the "Check Installed Software" tool: possibility to automatically remind the user about the release of new app versions.
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