Koei Tecmo discloses data breach after hacker leaks stolen data


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Aug 17, 2014
Japanese game developer Koei Tecmo has disclosed a data breach and taken their European and American websites offline after stolen data was posted to a hacker forum.
Koei Tecmo is known for its popular PC and console games, including Nioh 2, Hyrule Warriors, Atelier Ryza, Dead or Alive, etc.
On December 20th, a threat actor claimed to have hacked into the koeitecmoeurope.com website on December 18th through a spear-phishing campaign sent to an employee. As part of this attack, a forum database with 65,000 users was stolen, and the actor claims to have planted a web shell on the site for continued access.
Since learning of the attack, Koei Tecmo released a data breach advisory stating that a forum on a UK subsidiary's website was compromised and the stolen data was leaked online.
"Within the website operated by KTE, the “Forum” page and the registered user information (approximately 65,000 entries) has been determined to the data that may have been breached. The user data that may have been leaked through hacking is perceived to be the (optional) account names and related password (encrypted) and/or registered e-mail address," Koei Tecmo disclosed in a data breach advisory.
Koei Tecmo states that the breach only affected the forum and not other portions of the site. They also say that no financial information was stored in this database.