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Iobit Malware Fighter? There are a lot of better security solutions avalaible on the web (Avast Free, Avira Free, VoodooShield Free, Kaspersky Free, etc.)

Why OS File Reputation disabled?

Add MalwareBytes Free.

Add uBlock Origin.

Add CCleaner Free.


Thanks for sharing.

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-Change your real-time protection to some reliable products. I don't think iobit and zemana going to help you.
-Upgrade to latest windows version if you can ( Windows 10 )
-Use a adblocker to improve browsing performance and security.
-Add a password manager - I'm sure you need one ( if you use more than 3 passwords )
-backup your data


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First of all please fill all the fields as this is incomplete.
Have you considered upgrading to Windows 10?
You could eliminate IObit Malware fighter and add a free AV such as AVAST.
If you have Zemana running in real time it is not an on demand scanner and you should consider adding an on demand scanner(s).
Consider adding HTTPS Everywhere,uBlock Origin & Privacy Badger in Chrome.
As for everything else such as system utilities,Password manager,system & data backups we have no way of knowing until you edit your config and make it complete.


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please don't tell me you rely on IOBIT... Install a proper av either free or paid like AVG AVAST AVIRA or anything else ( only one av)
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