Troubleshoot Laptop screen flickers on startup


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Jan 4, 2016
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Screen flickers when I press the ON button
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Update graphics driver
Hello, my acer laptop screen started flickering on startup.
That doesn't happen all the times I start my computer, but only sometimes and only for a short amount of time after I pressed the ON button. When I reach the screen before the login page (the one with a wallpaper) it has already finished.
That is not a huge issue, however I would like to understand why it happens. All I did recently was to disable secure boot, trying a linux live distro and then I enabled secure boot again.
I notice it usually happens when I open in a fast way the laptop and press the ON button. If I open it in a fast way, the screen is moving because the material its made of looks really bad (it is made of plastic, not a really solid one)

This is the model: Acer aspire 3 A315-51-3510

I bought it less than one year ago when my other Acer laptop screen failed (hope it's not the screen again)

Thanks in advance

Update: as pointed by @Vasudev the hinge could be broken. That is likely because I travel a lot by train and put the PC in the luggage. Even if it has its own box, bad materials could lead to a hinge broken
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