Largest global staffing agency Randstad hit by Egregor ransomware


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Aug 17, 2014
Staffing agency Randstad NV announced today that their network was breached by the Egregor ransomware, who stole unencrypted files during the attack.
Randstad is the world's largest staffing agency with offices in 38 markets and the owner of the well-known employment website Randstad employs over 38,000 people and generated €23.7 billion in revenue for 2019.

This week, the Egregor ransomware operation published what they claim is 1% of Randstad's data stolen during a recent cyberattack. This leaked data is a 32.7MB archive containing 184 files, including accounting spreadsheets, financial reports, legal documents, and other miscellaneous business documents.
Randstad states that only a limited number of servers were impacted and that their network and business operations continued to operate without disruption. The company confirmed that data was stolen but is still investigating whether the personal data of clients of employees was accessed. At this time, they believe that only data related to their operations in the US, Poland, Italy, and France was stolen.

"To date, our investigation has revealed that the Egregor group obtained unauthorized and unlawful access to our global IT environment and to certain data, in particular related to our operations in the US, Poland, Italy and France," Randstad disclosed. "They have now published what is claimed to be a subset of that data. The investigation is ongoing to identify what data has been accessed, including personal data, so that we can take appropriate action with regard to identifying and notifying relevant parties,"