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Launch 2020 brings over a dozen UWP apps to the Microsoft Store
A growing community of UWP developers just launched a dozen new apps and updates in unison.
What you need to know
  • A community of UWP developers just launched twelve new apps and two refreshed apps.
  • The releases are part of the second annual Launch 2020 event.
  • The apps include a UWP file explorer, a client for Instagram messages, a Discord client, and an app for managing GitHub tasks.
The second annual Launch event is this week, and Launch 2020 brings a dozen new apps and a couple of app refreshes to the Microsoft Store. Apps that are part of Launch are made by developers from the UWP Community Discord. The developers in the Discord server discuss app development, the UWP platform, and often help each other improve their apps. They also frequently weigh in for our developer reaction stories.

Arlo Godfrey, the man behind the UWP Community Discord server shared an extensive breakdown of all the apps from Launch 2020. You can check out his blog post and see all of the highlighted apps from Launch 2020 below.