Purchase or Last Upgrade Date
Dec 31, 1969
Estimated Value ($)
$80 Euro's
Form factor
Generic Laptop
Brand & Model
Thinkpad Edge 15" monitor from 2010, model 0301GSG
Installed OS
Manjaro linux 18.1 with XFCE desktop
CPU (Processor)
Intel Celeron P4600 @ 2 Ghz
RAM (Memory)
2 GB on board with 2 GB memory module, totaling to 4 GB RAM
GPU (Graphics)
Integrated Intel Graphics HD
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge
Seagate Hybrid 250 GB HD with 8 GB write through cache
ThnkPad lenovo laptop
PSU (Power Supply)
Lenovo 65Watt 20Volt
Monitor (Display)
HD 1366x768
Keyboard and Mouse
Lenovo US-American Qwerty, using a Logitech simple mouse (right) and Kensington trackball (left) to minimize RSI and maximize my nearly two handed (I have a preference for right hand, but I am also able to write with my left hand).
My computer protection
Running Standard User
TimeShift backup-restore
Gufw (firewall)inbound block only
Firejail Sandox (for Firefox only)
ClamAV on demand (with ClamTk)


Level 11

As a student you have to make choices. After having worked during holiday I combined a good intention (I am Dutch so may translate things not correctly) to stop playing games cold-turkey wiith spending more time to study. So I gave my power desktop to my brother and tried to spend my saved money wisely (my phone was also broken).

In a second hand shop I found a Thinkpad Edge 15 inch which was broken, which set me back 50 euro''s. Obviously the harddisk was gone, but the battery was near dead also (only 17% capacity) left. So I bargained a little with the seller and he said that I could select one of the old working harddisk for 25 euro. I found a Seagate Hybrid 250 GB HD with a 8 GB write through read cache. With some luck I found another 2 GB RAM memory module which fitted in the Lenevo Edge, so for a total of 80 euro's I bought this old hardware.

With the money saved I bought a nice Samsung Galaxy A70 to replace my broken down Microsoft Nokia 940 (oh what a great OS it was). I had bought a Microsoft to keep me focused during classes and not float away spending time on social media (the lack of apps was an advantage for me). Having used the Windows phone for the last four years, I am confident I have no ' like me desire' like :D many of my mates.

With this old Manjaro Desktop I sort of detach myself from gaming (it s okay to research the internet and write documents, make presentatons and present data in spreasheets for study) and hope to achive my STOPtober goal this year. I will be lurking mostly on this forum also, so don't expect me to involve heavily in help with Manjaro setttings (I need my time for practice and final presentation).

Regards Lenny Linux


Level 20
The product you have got is quite good.
The important thing about any product is that it should fit the purpose the user needs it for, the price is not important.
One thing to note here is that since your HDD is old one you should backup your data regularly. You can use a pendrive for that as it will fit your budget.


Level 11
The Thinkpad edge has a card reader, I bought a 258GB micro-SD card (for my Samsung A70 phone), which I can fit into SD-card adapter for backup. when needed.

Normally I am using Google Drive as bridge between Linux laptop (backup latest from HD to cloud) and android phone (backup from cloud to SD-card). I have al my important documents on Microsoft One Drive (from my previous phone a Lumia 940).

It needs some discipline in document naming and version conventions and moving them from user folders to backup folder when they are final.