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    battery or motherboard failure?
    Steps taken, but unsuccessful?
    battery taken out, held power button for a minute, popped battery back in, plugged in with AC
    battery taken out, held power button for a minute, kept battery out, plugged in with AC
    none of the above worked
    Hello everyone!

    I have a bit of a noodle scratcher. My Ideapad crapped out, showing a sharp decrease in battery power and then promptly powered off. I took apart the necessary areas to access and remove the battery from the chassis. From my old school experience, one could plug in the laptop and still have power without the battery. (I also kind of figured that if it's not the battery, it's definitely the motherboard....)

    Is this still the case with these battery-integrated laptops? Can you run from AC power without the battery?

    Any help on the matter is much appreciated!
    Thanks for the responses! Given the labyrinth of answers on the Lenovo forum, one could never be too sure; so that's why I ultimately asked here. 99.9% certain it's a motherboard issue after continuing to troubleshoot. It seems like others have been experiencing similar issues with their respective Lenovo products. Never going to deal with an Ideapad again!


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    I own a Lenovo Yoga, my girlfriend an IdeaPad, no problems do far, they even works better than my previous Asus.