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Lenovo refreshed its lineup of ThinkPads at CES this year, as it always does. At this point, I've reviewed a wide variety of the lineup, and as you'd expect, there are similarities across the brand. Aside from the obvious design similarities, they all use an excellent keyboard, Thunderbolt 3, quad-core Intel Core processors, and more.

Last month, I reviewed the ThinkPad T480, a solid workhorse with a battery that can be hot-swapped. The ThinkPad T480s is the PC's slimmer sibling, borrowing some elements from the T480 in terms of power and connectivity, but taking a lighter carbon fiber design from the X1 Carbon.

As is always the case with ThinkPads, I can easily recommend the T480s for someone that wants a powerful and portable laptop. I'm just not sure of a use case where I wouldn't recommend a different ThinkPad first. The T480 has a hot-swappable battery, making it great for workers on the road with its rugged design. With the T480s being slimmer and lighter, it's more of an X1 Carbon for those that don't want to go all in on the X1 Carbon, whoever those people may be.

However, it does have a dedicated GPU option, offering a bit more power than the X1 Carbon. Still, that's not the unit that was sent to me.

After all, it is an excellent device, and you really won't go wrong here. The ThinkPad T480s has one of the best keyboards around, great performance, and a display that's fantastic for work on the go.
My biggest issues with it are that you have to choose between an IR camera and the ThinkShutter privacy guard, and that you have to pay extra for the vPro processor in order just to have the option for a dedicated GPU.

If you're looking for an all-around solid machine that won't let you down, and is still slim and portable, then the ThinkPad T480s is a great choice.